Monday, February 16, 2009


Emma, Anna and Ella spent this past weekend with us while their parents spent Valentine's weekend away. The girls played school, we baked cookies, we watched movies and they spent time on the computer, learning how to go from one blog to another. Anna found these stickers and came upstairs to show us what she did with them!!!!

They also dressed up, well, Ella did, and we had to take a picture of her. This is her High School Musical dress that she got for her birthday, along with some jewelry that Grandpa picked up at a garage sale (I cleaned and disinfected it before letting the girls play with it, which will probably surprise my girls!). They love to try on the clip-on earrings and Ella is modeling hers. (She wanted the earrings off as soon as I was done taking her pictures -- I wonder if the ones they sell now feel any better on the ears than the old ones do?) Sorry Emma, no picture of you, I think you were on the computer!!!!

Last week, Great-Grandma Budke, Great-Aunt Dana and I headed south to visit Colby and Kelly. Colby didn't think much of the picture-taking, as you can see from the next picture! (She obviously doesn't take after her dad in that aspect, thinking back to the pictures of him wearing his college-day clothes that Kelly was trying to pitch!!!! Will never forget those pictures!)
She did wave "Hi" to me, though!!!
We got this reaction from her while we were talking about the election results!!!
She got a little crabby, so Aunt Dana laid her across her leg and Colby promptly fell asleep. No harm was done to her, "G-A-G" (that stands for Great-Aunt Gail)!!!

A couple weeks ago, Grandpa and I ventured up to Kori and Ben's to spend the weekend. We got to see Amelia, or "A.K." as Grandpa likes to call her, play in her new exersaucer (is that what they are really called?). She loves it and especially loves the yellow flower, but it's really hard to get a good picture of her with all the playthings attached. And she wants you to position her so she can still watch her Veggie Tales and Baby Einstein movies!! Notice that she was wearing her very favorite sleeper for her pictures!! What a happy little girl she is!

This next picture I find hysterical!!! Look at this little girl's eyebrows!! How can a person do that, I wonder?!?!?!? Kind of scary, I think!

Hope you people way up Nort' enjoy!!!! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!!!
Grandma Cooper