Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome To The Barn!

Can't have a spring on the farm without a new litter of kittens! A little inbreeding going on here!
Maddie likes to get nose to nose with them and they don't mind checking her out either!

Just the right size for Ella!

They fight terribly over their feed - kids!

Don't forget about the steers! These two have been a challenge for Chris to halterbreak!

We've added some new additions to our barn in the last couple of weeks. We're gearing up for the 4-H fair and of course, spring always brings new babies on the farm! Pigs are a new experience for us and they are so far a great joy! They make us laugh every time we've gone out to the barn - ok, I'm sure the honeymoon period will end soon with these two animals, but so far I just love them! They are like having two puppies! They chew on everything and are so curious about anything we do. Chris and I laugh so much at them! Their names are Gibby and Reggie. I always have to name the animals or there is too much fighting between the girls. Gibby is from iCarly and Reggie is from the ISU Redbird mascot whose name is Reggie. No names for the steers yet, though I'm sure Chris has certain names for them that would not be appropriate for me to put on here! I'm thinking the one with the purple halter should be called Houdini since he always manages to get his halter off!
Thanks for checking in!