Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chris' New Red Sprayer

For all of you bloggers who wonder what Chris actually does do when the Haycock gang isn't going out to eat - here is proof that he does spray, his own fields anyway! This is Chris behind our house spraying our beans in the new machine they purchased this year! It has a cd player and a buddy seat, not that I would know from riding with him. I haven't been invited yet!

O.K., I have pictures of this, but of course, my computer at school will not upload them and I cannot ask our tech man because I'm sure I'll get told that this is not what this computer is to be used for. So, I guess it will just have to be commentary for the James Gang!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ella's Hat

On Sunday, as Chris was getting Ella ready for church (those days are over starting this week as Chris takes over Sunday School Superintendant on Sunday) I could hear him arguing with her over her shoes. I had set out white sandals for her to wear and she wanted to wear her brown leather sandals. I told Chris not to worry about it and let her wear the brown sandals. You can see how I've trained Chris, he knows that if it is set out, it is what they need to wear, no other options! Anyway, as we go to leave for church Ella goes to the coat closet and pulls out the red fleece hat with leopard print and puts it on and heads out the door. We get out of the van and Chris tried to convince Ella that she does not need her hat - but - she is determined! So, I walk into church with her and her hat. As I sit down in front of Diana Emme, I can hear her laughing. I turned around and said to her "You know how it is - the fight in me is gone!" She nodded and laughed some more! Needless to say, Ella caught everyone's attention as they walked into church. Chris thinks because I gave up the fight that there shouldn't be any more James babies, but I just said that I've learned to pick and chose my battles wisely!

God's blessings to you!


We''re back!

Since I am back and school and have fast internet, I will try to post more often and even try to get some pictures uploaded! For now, I'll take Mom's advice and just post commentary.