Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kitchen is Moving Right Along!

Randy's "homemade" cookies I made for them - right off the oven!

The bar area

this gives the true color of the cabinets and it has the crown molding on top

Needless to say, a kitchen remodel is the most trying on a family. Thank goodness for family who lives hours away and offers to take your kids when your pulling out cabinets and are without counters and a sink! The girls have spent the majority of the week with Aunt Kori in Indiana and during that time we've had our wood floors put in and the cabinets put in. Counters get measured tomorrow and hopefully will be fuctioning by the time we go back to school. So much for getting to enjoy it over the summer! I really couldn't be happier with how smooth everything has gone and I haven't hurt Chris yet, come close, but haven't done actual harm to him and probably won't since he says we can go and buy a new stove tonight!!!! For those of you who don't know, I've been using a Rankin original. My stove came from the farm house when dad moved. We figured it to be about 17-18 years old. I think I'm due for a new model! Happy shopping tonight!