Tuesday, March 29, 2011


In case you haven't heard, calving season has not been a breeze at the James Farm this year! First we pulled the calf, Guenther, who was very stupid and wouldn't eat and ended up dying after we put a bunch of work into him. Then there was Hazel, whose mother's udder was too big for her to milk off of. So she was forced unto Guenther's mother and is now doing great! Needless to say, her mother will be hauled to the sale barn in a few weeks. Lastly, Frances tried to calve on March 18 and we ended up pulling her dead calf which left her with her nerve damage and unable to stand for a week. We have been doing physical therapy with this cow for the past 10 days and she finally stood on her own tonight!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG what a calving experience! Was the stupid calf named Guenther for a reason??????? Randy had to tell me what that gadget was hooked on to the cow and why. I had quite a laugh until I found out what was going on. (I'm even a farm girl!) Hopefully the worst is over. Glad to see your post and keep them coming. I don't see much of you to visit and like to keep up on the goings on of the Rankin girls and their families.


The Machlitt Family said...

Yeah for Frances! Now, arent you glad that Ben and I stopped you from offing her!


Anonymous said...

Okay..I laughed so hard at this! I even had to tell the gal who is next to me at work all about your cows and problems! I am sorry that you guys are having such bad luck, but thank you for the cheap entertainment! And I am VERY proud and excited for Frances, good job James family!! :)
Love you all!

Anderson said...

Hallelujah, Frances is healed! I'm so glad she's made a recovery even though it wasn't too speedy! Like I've said before, I think you guys just got away with too many easy calving seasons...or maybe it's the hard time you give us about being tied down with calving season! ;) Haha!
Anyway, I'm glad Frances is doing well and I'm so happy to hear that Hazel is doing great! I've been wondering!

Love you and thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...

Just so everybody knows, the loader was my idea!



Anonymous said...

LOL Oh Ben-such a littler farmer!