Friday, July 30, 2010

Fair Time!!!!

Chris with Houdini who took reserve x-bred steer! Kelly, that's Neil Parr behind the steer. I'm behind Chris talking to him.
Emma very proud of her lavender ribbon!!! Mom and Dad were proud too!

Ella and the queen with Ella's princesses.

Waiting for the junior showmanship class

Natalia gave it a try!

The tongue sticking out must mean something!!!!

Anna was very determined!

Ella pulling hard!!! Her steering was a little off - she almost hit a post!

Finding his spot to lay down after placing 3rd

Gibby running in the show ring!

Flower Arrangement - 4-H A rating

Market Basket - 3rd

We spent the last week at the Mason County Fair in Havana. Emma took 2 steers, 1 barrow, vegetables, and flowers. The girls had a great time and met more people again this year. Chris and I were exhausted at the end of each day but got up and went at it again the next day. All in all, the girls had a great week. Emma did very well and gained more confidence in the show ring with her steers. She really seems to enjoy it and is becoming quite the showman. We still have some improvement in the swine dept. as her barrow, Gibby, ran around the ring the whole time and then laid down in the corner and wouldn't get up when his class was over. Ella made herself known to everybody. She was rarely at our spot in the barn, she was always somewhere else! She played with her princess figurines and made a ton of friends (mostly high school girls). Anna watched the pig scramble with intense fascination. She was studying up the techniques for catching a pig next year. She is determined to catch a pig next year! The girls and Chris are already talking about what they are going to do next year. As tiring as it is, I love it that they are excited about it and want to do it!


Anonymous said...

YAY for the James crew at the fair!! Remember when you doubted doing and now look - you all are pros!!!
I love it and I love that you're fair is the week before ours because I find that I get even more pepped up and excited after seeing your pictures and hearing your stories!!
Thanks for posting so quickly!

Love ya!

ps - So, so proud of you Emma!!

Anonymous said...

OMG what a great job Emma and the whole James family. I am so proud of you Emma, just sorry I wasn't there to see it. Looks like everyone was having a great time.
I am marking my calender for next year.

Anonymous said...

Personally I love the vegetable display! very creative and some really nice looking veggies! That is too funny that Gibby went hog wild in the ring!! I bet that Ella and Anna can hardly wait for their turn and I can so see Anna in the pig scramble! Great job Emma!

Love - Aunt Kori and Amelia and Uncle Ben

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you all and especially you Emma! I have to admit, I never thought you would be the one interested in all of this, but I am SOOO glad you are!! You are doing GREAT!!! Oh and I am VERY proud of Anna and Ella on the tractor...Anna, you look so determined with your tongue sticking out and Ella, you look like you are having a ball driving pulling that stuff!!! I can't wait to see the years to come and what you all do! Congrats to you all and keep it up!!
Love you SOOOOO much!
Kendall :)

Anonymous said...

Aunt Gail and I had a great time at the fair - we are going to make it an annual trip. We might even get more comfortable around livestock - you never know!!! Congrats again Emma - you did a great job!!!
Aunt Stacy

The James Gang said...

GAG and GAS:

You'll have to buy yourselves to some boots to wear on show day so you fit in:) Thank you so much for coming - it meant a lot to all of us!


Brittany said...

So proud of you girls! I was bummed I wasn't able to come with Aunt Gail and Aunt Stacy to watch you but I heard from them how cool it was to watch you - I'm so glad you posted pictures so I could see for myself! Emma, you look so grown up (well you all do!) and you could definitely teach me a thing or two! I bet you make Anna and Ella excited for their turn :) Great job all around - keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Another successful fair week. Emma, I am so proud of the way you handled your steer. Pigs, they have a mind of their own! It looks as though the James farm will be growing and growing and growing. Job well done to all of you.

Jen Robinson said...

Yay! Way to go Emma!!! I loved all of your fair pictures!!! They made me tear up and remember all of my 4-H adventures (meeting new friends, showing cattle, and taking my other projects). You girls are getting so grown up!!!

I think winning a reserve champion ribbon deserves a new pair of cute boots for next year. ;)

Thanks for sharing!!!! Miss you all!!!!!!! Oh, and I hope Anna got the card I mailed to her!!!!


Grandma Budke said...

I really enjoyed watching your girls at the fair,especially watching the cattle show and Emma's winning of the reserve champion for her steer.
But I also enjoyed helping with the numbers at the flower show and seeing Emma's entry in the "other
perennial" class take reserve champion,too.That was a cool glass of
pretty coreopsis,Emma!I'd never seen that particular variety.Neat job,